However you decide to contact me please be polite and do not ask about specifics of our date. Remember that you are paying for my companionship. Anything that happens between consenting adults is a personal choice and in no way contracted for.


Upon meeting, kindly leave the gift concealed in an envelope or card on the coffee table or anywhere in plain sight upon. Please DO NOT hand it to me or put me in a position in which I am forced to request it, this is awkward for both parties & is not a sexy or romantic way to begin our special date.


Please ensure that prior to our date, you are freshly showered and clean. If you are visiting me I will have a shower available to you when you arrive and before leaving if that is more convenient for you.


Your personal information is absolutely confidential with me. As our connection deepens, I would like to feel free to share much about my life with you and I expect that everything that we share will remain between just us.

After our date

Once we’ve met, I’d love to hear how it went for you and, if you’d like to meet again, you can book me with a simple email or text message. I will never contact you unless I have your prior permission.

Screening options (one required):

Valid Photo ID: A clear picture of your Passport or Driving License. Feel free to obscure your address.

Companion Reference: From at least one reputable companion who is still actively playing in this World. I suggest that you send two options as this avoids long delays in waiting for a reply. Please include their name, website, email address and social media information.

Employment Verification: A blank email sent from your work email address, and then a link (provided in my booking form) to your company website or Linkedin Profile. Your work email address must be clearly associated with the company.

Preferred411: Please message me through P411 to use your “Ok’s” as a reference.